What to wear on your photoshoot....

I am really excited to work with you!!!

Now comes the fun of picking out outfits and deciding what to wear to your photoshoot.  Here are a few tips...

1)  I always find clients are so much more comfortable if they're wearing clothes they feel confident and comfortable in, don't test out those new super high jeans, go for something you've worn before and you know you feel good in.

2)  Go for loose, flowy , natural fabrics like linen, cottons etc. that will move with you.

3)  Neutral, earthy colors such as beige, grey, white, black, denim, rust, mustard, blush, blue all look beautiful in the outdoor locations I generally shoot at

4)  Avoid large prints, patterns and any large graphics or logos

5)  Avoid being too matchy, matchy - Ideally your outfits will compliment each other but not blend into each other.

Feel free to send me any outfit ideas if you would like a second opinion :)

Below are some examples...

  • Katelyn & Colton-1
  • Allison & Sean - HighRes-80
  • Angela & Bradley - LowRes-15
  • Beck Family - LowRes-1
  • Audrey & Lucas-16
  • Angela & Bradley - LowRes-57
  • Emily & Ty - LowRes-12
  • Family April-2021-1
  • Schultz - LowRes-4
  • Untitled photo
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Kelly & Mike Engaged-30
  • Kelly & Jim - LowRes-4



Stevens Point, WI

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